Saturday, November 14, 2009

Write or Die

I'm not sure any of you are interested, but the link above is the answer to not sprinting with friends when you need to just write on your own. Keeps you writing and you set your own timeframe. I set it sometimes for an hour or fifteen minutes, depending on how much time I have between errands or chores around the house.

I do miss interacting with friends though and I tend to always be too busy to log on to the sprints. Life just keeps getting deeper, but I'm wading out. Same with you, I'm sure.

I bought the program for when I don't want to log onto the net. Plus the paid program allows you word wars with a friend. Kinda defeats the not logging onto the net though. I haven't used word war yet and don't know anyone who has the program and using it either. But it sounds like a fun way to stack up those words.

Now, speaking of chores, my kitchen needs attention, plus the vac is standing in the middle of the floor. Not drawing me, but I want to get it out of the way. =:D


Selestiele said...

I *love* this program. In fact, my friends and I use it, even when we are sprinting together. The Kamikaze mode is extremely motivating. No one wants to lose words they just typed, even if they're horrible!

Carol said...

Selestiele, $10.00 worth of fun and getting in those daily counts. Really a super program. Too bad all our sprinters don't have access. I love using it when I have a little extra time before dinner, or whatever, and need to motivate myself when no one's around to sprint. So glad you like the program also. Yes, the Kamikaze keeps me on my toes too! I make sure I've thought about what needs writing. :)