Saturday, November 14, 2009

MONTEREY MEMORIES by Gail Gaymer Martin

I truly love this book. Monterey Memories, an anthology by Gail Gaymer Martin, is a must buy.

In each of the three novels, set in the central coast of California, Gail writes of God's love with such ease and weaves His love throughout each story.

We see how faith and growth in the Word affects every aspect of our lives. Everyday normal people with trials and decisions we can identify with, from trust, or acceptance to forgiveness, learn to lean on God through their faith.

Thank you, Gail. I look forward to your upcoming books.

I'm adding this book to my gift list for friends and family. Who wouldn't want to find this warm, engrossing book in their stocking at Christmas? Or simply a gift to share.

Hard to believe Christmas is almost here again! It's time to start those lists and address cards. I'm ususally well into my card list, but haven't started them this year. There's nothing like staying in touch with friends and Christmas is a wonderful time to do just that.


S.P. Laws said...

great review Gail- I'll be looking for that book next time I'm at the library.

Carol said...

The book's three stories are fabulous. If you like Gail Gaymer Martin, you won't be disappointed. Thanks so much, S.P. If you can, touch base when you read the book. Enjoy!