Saturday, September 8, 2007

Got a manuscript draft to complete?

Endurance Writing is a group formed of writers who write in dissected twenty minute intervals. The key element is to write as much as you can without editing.
In a word, rather two words, WordSprints. The group holds writing sessions four to five times weekly, or more, for getting that first draft down quickly. Each participant works at their own pace and need, but not necessarily every night. But, once you experience the elevation WordSprints has to offer, you as a writer trying to get that first draft completed, you'll return night after night.
When I first began First Draft, Candace Havens Workshop, several writers decided to work in groups. Within one of those groups, Word Sprints was birthed. I joined the group and haven't looked back.
My 70,000 word ms, first draft, is at 86% complete. I should finish in about three days if I only write with the group or one to two nights if I glue myself to the chair and also write during the day. Once completed, the manuscript will rest for a week or so and await Candace Havens Revision Workshop to begin.
Most writers in the group have page goals set for the night. Last night my total pages were 14.7. Granted there are issues with the writing, but that's what first drafts are all about. About getting it out of your head and on paper, or onto computer screen.
Once you get into the character's head, he/she takes the lead and you're off to an amazing session. And, there are sessions where we get so caught up in what we're writing, it's hard to stop when the twenty minute buzzer goes off.
One question came from a friend. She worried that her writing was up on the Internet for all to see. Not so. We all use our own word processing program and simply use conferencing to keep in touch for each session. No one will be able to see what you've written.
Anyway, I hope you'll check out both sites to see if either interests you as a writer who needs a jump start on and old manuscript lying around or your next manuscript.
Click on WordSprints to join the group.
And now, back to the writing board.
I wish you music and butterflies . . .


Trish said...

Hi Carol! Thanks for the plug. :-) Like your blog. I hope I answered that waterfall question right, or what kind of an islander am I? LOL. ~Trish

Valerie Everhart said...

Hey, it's all about the new writing and the number of new words..that is good! Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm new, but have found it's so different, and gets the words flowing for the day!!

I just need to do it more often.

Carol said...

Trish, you're welcome. Interesting to find out the correct Island.

We saw several and now I don't remember the name so I'll have to look it up. I do know the Island though.

Carol said...

Valerie, Anything we do to get the words flowing is a good thing.
Thanks for posting.
Carol D